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Using your tickets

How do I use my tickets? What do I do with my ticket/voucher?
You will find detailed instructions under the heading ‘Instructions’ on the product description page. In addition, we will send you a confirmation email and a ticket voucher in which detailed instructions on how to use your tickets can be found.

I’ve ordered and haven’t received my tickets – what can I do?Most of our tickets are confirmed instantly when you purchase. To confirm your order we send both an email and a SMS message. The SMS message is a back-up in case you ever have trouble accessing the email.

Some tickets require manual handling; during working hours this can lead to a delay of up to one hour. If you booked while the venue was closed, we may only be able to send your ticket once the venue is open. If you haven’t received your confirmation 24 hours after ordering, please contact Tiqets Customer Service.

I can’t seem to finish my order. What’s happening?

Usually this is because your web browser needs to be updated. This especially applies to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can visit to update Internet Explorer, and to update Firefox.

Please check out our separate tips on how to finalize payment in case you have further problems.

If neither of these steps resolve the issue, please contact Tiqets Customer Service.

I’ve ordered via PayPal and haven’t received confirmation of my order.

PayPal may need you to manually approve the order. Please check your PayPal account to see whether this is the case.

In my order overview, I see a ‘Booking fee’ shown. What is this?

Tiqets encounters costs associated with providing our service. For example these include our customer service, and payment processing costs. For most venues we can avoid charging a fee to recoup these costs but unfortunately it is not possible everywhere. If you see a ‘Booking fee’ shown in your order overview, this means that the venue you booked is such a venue.